Data analysis is a powerful tool of increasing effectiveness

Solution based on artificial intelligence technologies.
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Data analysis technologies

  • The necessity for implementing AI in the modern world
  • The advantages of AI over humans
  • Methods used for data analysis
  • Case: increasing customer loyalty

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Innovative AI-based technologies

The activities of any modern company are highly influenced by various factors, which lead to negative consequences reducing the economic effectiveness.
n order to detect them a thorough analysis has to be conducted.

A human is not capable of performing such tasks flawlessly and competently due to the necessity to process huge volumes of data and employ multiple algorithms to assess it and draw logical conclusions.

At present AI-based innovative technologies are used to solve such tasks with increasing frequency.
According to the experts, AI is what broadens the horizons for the entrepreneurs in the future.

Main methods used for data analysis

We integrate developments for various kinds of tasks in a flexible way
Predictive analytics
Diagnostic analytics
Descriptive statistics

Why do we need machine learning

Nowadays the development of AI is supported by substantial corporate investments. Analysts sustain that by 2025 they will reach $100 billion per year. It has been demonstrated in practice that robotization and AI encourage::
  • faster growth of companies
  • optimization of business processes
  • improvement in the quality of employee communication
  • increase in the customer and client satisfaction
Moreover, AI significantly influences the analysis of the company’s data, which is conducted in order to detect negative factors. The latter ones include both inner and outer aspects of logistical, organizational, managerial, economic, social, market-based, legal, operational and industrial nature. Overall, machine learning facilitates the creation of a cohesive company, which would operate as smoothly as a well-oiled Swiss watch.

The advantages of modern technology-based data analysis

Data analysis allows to detect both apparent and hidden factors, which negatively influence the economic activities of a company.
This, in turn, contributes to their eradication and prevention of committing similar mistakes in the future.
The implementation of machine learning makes this process:

  • ultimately effective;
  • continuous;
  • the least costly in terms of time and funds;
  • all-encompassing.

The most vivid examples of using AI are personalizing client services, examining hundreds of job applicant’s CVs,
processing and analyzing financial operations, assessing the effectiveness of previous advertising campaigns, detecting anomalies,
which indicate the possibility of fraud by the counterparty, monitoring machinery and equipment condition, etc.
Neurocore specialists are experienced in solving problems related to that sphere and have been helping companies eliminate problematic issues in business for a long time.

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