Automating boom barriers

Solution based on artificial intelligence technologies.
Indispensable element of a smart city

Number-plate recognition program

This multimodular system based on computer vision technologies allows to automate facility security and optimize the overall process of vehicle access to restricted access facilities with the help of surveillance cameras.

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Effectiveness and advantages

The system allows to substantially increase customer loyalty thanks to the working speed and its user-friendliness.
Everything the user now needs is to simply approach the boom barrier!
The quality and the number of operating modes are constantly growing.
/ It is not possible for the system to operate at facilities with incorrectly situated cameras, and its performance is hindered by dirty lenses and extreme weather conditions.

  • Simple integration

In order to connect to the system, you simply need to add your cameras’ streaming data to our web application.

  • Cost effectiveness

The Neurocore number-plate recognition solution does not imply any additional equipment costs.

  • Quality

In 80% of the cases, the solution will instantly operate with a minimal number of errors and only in 20% of the cases there will be a need for additional setup, which we perform in the shortest time possible.

Available modules:

We integrate developments into various kinds of facilities based on your requirements
Number-plate recognition
The solutions package, which is based on convolutional and recurrent neural networks and is developed by Neurocore specialists, demonstrates good results in terms of its effectiveness in basic situations. For higher quality, it is recommended to perform a more personalized adjustment to the new facility.
Car Classification
The number-plate recognition module continuously processes requests and allows to collect data in just a few seconds. The system then performs instant matching with the existing database or detects a new number-plate (depending on the needs of the facility) and gives access to the vehicle.
Car Detection
In case of a dirty number-plate, the systems additionally compares the car model. If the system does not find any matches, it sends a request to the operator for a decision to be made. The system identifies the direction in which the vehicle is moving and singles out the ones located directly in front of the boom barrier.
Controlling access to facilities without our system is currently not automated and implies the usage of additional devices (key-fobs, mobile applications) or increased response time (communication via doorbell, GSM module).
With our solutions package, all the aforementioned problems disappear, and vehicle access control becomes easy and convenient for everyone, while the personnel costs are greatly reduced in case of dispatcher offices (one specialist is enough to make a decision in disputable cases). It is also possible to set up automatic access for emergency vehicles.
Examples of implementation at facilities
Remote access to cameras via RTSP protocol and real-time testing. Due to the limited capacities of one of the facilities, image processing was organized the following way: Once the button is pressed, a request is sent to our server, where we analyze the image and send the reply in the format required by the client’s software.

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