August 4, 2018

Connecting to Unified Biometric System (EBS)

Connecting to Unified Biometric System (EBS)

The importance of the creation of the Unified Biometric System can hardly be overestimated. It is convenient for both companies and private parties. The Federal Law No. 482-FZ of December 31, 2017 allows financial structures to identify a person remotely. It means that a bank has the right to conduct transactions with the person’s account (including opening and closing it) without their presence with the help of a digitalized application form which is verified with an electronic signature.

Such a service would be of especial interest in underpopulated and remote areas of Russia where people often have come a long way to get to the office. In order to attract new clients, banking institutions no longer have to spend money on rent and maintenance of buildings, workers’ salaries, etc. A person needs to come to the bank only once to have their photo and voice profile taken by the staff and, if needed, to be registered in the Unified Public Services Portal (gosuslugi.ru). The information has a high protection level from leak and theft of the data. The responsibilities of the operator of the system were entrusted to Rostelecom. The Bank of Russia will closely monitor the compliance of the banking institutions with the safety of their clients’ confidential information.

What EBS is based on

In order to understand how well the Unified Biometric System works in Russia, we need to get acquainted with its working principles:

  • multimodality. Two biometric parameters are verified - voice and face, which allows to identify whether the person is real or not with 100% accuracy;
  • multi-vendor. The algorithms are developed by several participants of the project, and the best technologies are included into the program;
  • liveness. The biosystem recognizes imitation and attempts of a fraudulent transactions, and the script schemes of client’s metrics verification are constantly changing;
  • detecting abnormal behaviour which has not been typical of the person before. The program allows to suppress malicious actions on the basis of the behavioral factor intensifying the protection from fraud;

How and why should you connect to EBS

Rostelecom is one of the oldest information providers, and its resources guarantee the best conditions for a secure transmission of the client’s personal parameters.

Bioparameter identification will substantially simplify cooperation and will help to expand the customer base. In case of virtual organizations, which do not possess any offices, such a situation will allow to offer the most complete information and the most attractive deals to natural persons. Neurocore specialists are constantly interacting with the developers of the platform and assist everyone who wishes to connect to EBS:

  • Selecting the equipment (based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media)
  • Developing the client software for the account manager
  • Monitoring the quality of the biometric data

Our employees possess all the necessary knowledge to integrate the system:

  • We know what problems appear after the connection and ways to correct them;
  • We know how the system works from the inside;
  • We know what interface is required: we are experienced in developing consumer applications.

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