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Audience analysis module

Depending on the requirements of the processing mode, cameras are able to analyze either real-time or archived recordings. This function is in high demand not only in the sphere of facilities security but also in the area of marketing research. The key factor is the ability of the “smart” system to classify people based on preset parameters.

Parameters captured by the module:

Person’s gender

95% Accuracy


95% Accuracy, 5 groups


Presence of beard and glasses


Coming soon

Possible uses of the module

  • Possibility to promptly detect goods which do not attract the visitors. Thanks this feature, it is possible to reconsider the shelf placement of the goods.
  • Analyzes which goods attracted the attention of a certain person or a group of people and which did not. Generates reports based on the analysis.
  • Acquiring information about the audience and employing it in the further analysis: targeted advertising, marketing research, etc.

Integrating the module

  • Recommendations and installation of CCTV cameras
  • Constructing the user interface based on the specific features of the tasks
  • Adjusting the module and refining the quality indicators

Please note:

Despite of a wide range of capabilities, the module has to be optimized for each of the tasks to achieve the most accurate recognition results under certain circumstances.

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