Number-plate recognition module

The advantages of our module

The module, which is based on computer vision technologies, allows to automate facility security and optimize the overall process of vehicle access to restricted access facilities with the help of surveillance cameras.

Number-plate recognition programs are being actively integrated into various kinds of facilities.

Examples of our work


Working in the conditions of low visibility


Recognition in situations of lowered equipment quality


Recognition at difficult angles

Special features of the module

It is based on the latest breakthrough technologies which are used by scientists all around the globe to analyze data for solving tasks from related fields

During the process of development, various neural network architectures were selected and tested in order to further develop the most suitable ones

The number of images with objects which have already been stored by our system has reached approximately 10,000,000

What we sell

  • Various conditions of implementing the module are possible
  • Recommendations concerning the hardware
  • The implementation of the module is available on various conditions
  • Recommendations and installation of surveillance cameras

Possible uses

  • Increasing the level of facility security
  • АAutomating the access to facilities
  • Keeping a record of visitor history
  • Integrating logging with a CRM system

Please note:

Despite of a wide range of capabilities, the module has to be optimized for each of the tasks to achieve the most accurate recognition results under certain circumstances.

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