Marketing analysis

Identifying useful data dependencies, development and support

Solving everyday problems

In the modern world, it is extremely difficult to hold the attention of the clients due to several reasons: the information overload on the internet and the highly competitive nature of all spheres of business. Our solutions will help you solve these problems.


Market research

Conducting competitor analysis in your target sphere. Generating competitive advantages which will be appreciated by any potential client

Researching selling techniques

Analyzing existing sales channels, changing them and implementing AI

Conducting customer analysis

Implementing market segmentation with the help of AI and identifying latent customer needs

Competitor analysis

A comparative analysis of direct and indirect competitors: analyzing the features of their work

Generating reports

Outlining the most useful information from the analysis and the expert opinion


Creating sales websites

Increasing sales and customer loyalty through high-quality content and coherent placement of blocks which lead to successful deal-making

Setting the aim

Outlining statement of work, website’s content and expectations for it

Creating drafts

Finalizing and approving the layout of the website


Coding and assembling according to the drafts


Prompt adjustments and basic promotion


Internet marketing

Providing services of attracting new clients and retaining old ones by means of advertising budget and natural increase in website traffic with the help of SEO (Search engine optimization).

Sales channels

We analyze the sphere and test the most suitable methods of attracting new clients

Setting deadlines

Developing an advertising timeline taking into account all the specific aspects

Budget projection

Creating a cost estimate with metrics and their relation to the visitor feedback.

Implementing analytics

Implementing end-to-end analytics systems for continuous monitoring of quality indicators


Minimizing losses

Requests and calls are stored in a centralized database while there is less effort and more sales

Increasing customer loyalty

Creating a profile for every customer: successful sales and causes of failures

Repeat sales

Loyal clients return to buy more triggering word-of-mouth marketing

Analysis of lead actions

Monitoring requests: source and time of submission, user behaviour and other analytics data


Minimizing the work, introducing a well-balanced distribution of calls via implementing CRM systems and other tools.

Sales department control

Boosting sales through increasing managers’ performance evaluation

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