Recognition systems

Developing and successfully implementing AI technologies in your business processes

Intellectual solution to your problems

AI systems, which are being developed by our company for many years, are capable of leveling down such specific human characteristics as:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Fatigue
  • Incompetence

Systems which will help you

Technologies are evolving at a shocking speed. Still, at the current stage of their development, AI-based solutions in many cases cannot function without human help, but their implementation will allow to:

  • Steadily perform tasks
  • Optimize execution time
  • Minimize labor costs

Video/image analytics

Analyzing the video stream from surveillance cameras and recording events which correspond to the preset parameters - motion, presence of object, crossing a line, etc

Voice analysis

Recognizing different parameters of the voice and reacting to certain words, frequencies, etc.

Stages of working on a new project

  • Defining tasks and setting aims
  • Selecting modules based on the description of the task
  • Examining the data required to solve the task
  • Data annotation - an important aspect of the process
  • Training algorithms
  • Testing
  • Optimizing for release
  • Support

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